Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Starlite Jewelry Designs by Naomi King

Beliefs: Helps one focus on emotional and mental priorities. Stimulates precision and perceptiveness, concentration and memory, helping one with analytical capabilities. Improves self-esteem and ego, strengthens positive personality traits. Grounds and balances emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies, helping one to feel stable. Also believed to awaken natural talents.

Beliefs: Helps with healing, encourages inner peace, insight and clarity. Historically associated with Royalty. Aids in meditation, internal surrender, intuition, spiritual opening and encourages positive transformation. Purifying the energies of the body, mind and spirit. A protective gemstone with the ability to convert negative energy into positive. Symbolizes piety, sincerity and humility.

Beliefs: Helps accentuate and strengthen self-confidence, self-esteem and courage. Brings one peace, tranquility and serenity. Excellent in helping to enhance communication skills and self-expression.

Beliefs: Stimulates curiosity & initiative, focuses attention to the present moment, grounds and balances. Assists in decision making, helps with confidence, ambition and motivation. Enhances positive emotions and mental clarity.

Beliefs: Helps increases wisdom, grace and self-confidence. Stimulates creativity and personal insight.

Beliefs: Helps one to realize their dreams, useful for desires involving happiness, success, wealth and communication. Helps with personal clarity; and eliminates self-destructive tendencies. Believed to attract abundance and success.

Beliefs: Encourages spiritual growth, peace, harmony and balance. Strengthens emotional and mental equilibrium. Because of the tranquil color it is also believed to bring serenity and calm. Historically associated with love, devotion and faith.


Beliefs: Symbol of faith, truth and light. Capable of healing broken bonds between lovers. Historically associated with love, devotion, loyalty, honesty and chivalry. Symbolizes sincerity, purity, compassion and truth. Also believed to draw out negativity, increase ones well-being, and protect one from harm. Inspires positive thoughts. Stimulates creativity and passion.

Beliefs: Helps uplift tension, stress and anxiety. Stimulates memory and desire for knowledge. Calming, believed to help decrease an overly critical mind.

Beliefs: Helps with awareness and healing. Believed to stimulate memory, awakening to inner knowledge and higher awareness. Increases truth, peace, balance and harmony.

Beliefs: Strengthens the body and increases longevity. Symbolizes faith, sincerity, virtue and purity. Helps to dispel and protect against negative thoughts and energy. Believed to bring good fortune and luck. Also helps make dreams a reality, making all things possible. Helps one tune into the needs of others, rising above ones self.

Beliefs: Brings joy, awareness and balance. Aids in grounding and helps alleviate stress.

Beliefs: Promotes intuition, wisdom, calmness bringing clarity of thought. Helping combine intellectual thought with intuitive knowledge. Aids in encouraging imagination, creativity and originality.

Beliefs: Mental & spiritual cleanser, helps eliminate old & negative emotions. Historically symbolizes truth. Aids in awareness, wisdom, clarity and serenity. Believed to keep the spirit free from fear, jealousy and negative emotions, assisting to keep the heart and mind in harmony. Helping one see and realize the beauty within.

Beliefs: Helps attract peace, hope, love and success. Aids with insight, inner peace and clarity. Historically associated with love, fidelity and friendship.

Beliefs: Soothes and balances the emotions. Helps encourage inner growth & strength, enhances creativity, compassion, tenderness and inner confidence. Helps bring peace, harmony and confidence. Historically associated with the moon, insight and good fortune.

Moss Agate:
Beliefs: Historically associated with nature, helps one focus on emotional and mental priorities. Balances emotional energy, and helps one let go of anger and bitterness. Believed to bring the wearer good luck and abundance.

Beliefs: Believed to protect against negative energy and preventing negative thoughts. Aids in clarity, courage and healing. Symbolizing sincerity, honesty and truth.


Beliefs: Promotes objective thinking; spiritual inspiration. Helps one control emotions & passions. Helps eliminate negative thinking, apathy and stress.

Beliefs: Promotes trust in a divine plan. Calms and centers. Eliminates emotional imbalances. Symbolizes a pure heart and mind; purity and innocence. Believed to give peace of mind and strength to body and soul.

Beliefs: Healing energy; balancer, channeler of universal energy & unconditional love; all purpose healer. Helps guide one in the search for meaning and importance, providing clarity.

Beliefs: See Garnet.

Rose Quartz:
Beliefs: Helps with emotional balance and self-esteem. Represents Love and Beauty. Sooths emotions. Closely associated with the heart. Helping to heal resentment and anger. Diffuses negative energy and unpleasant memories. Encourages self-love and spiritual healing.

Beliefs: Increases love, joy and all spiritual endeavors; helps with self-esteem. Stimulates ambition and confidence. Calms emotions. Historically associated with Love.

Beliefs: Helps aid one in spiritual enlightenment; inner peace; clairvoyance & astral projection. Promotes personal expression. Believed to insure fidelity in marriage. Historically symbolizes truth, sincerity, devotion and faithfulness. Also, believed to bring peace, joy and wisdom.

Smokey Quartz:
Beliefs: Helps overcome depression and stress. Alleviates anxiety. Aids in calming, grounding and transforming negative energy. Helps with balance, peace and harmony, encourages quiet reflections; opening the path to perception and learning.

Beliefs: Helps one with awareness and insight. Believed to dispel negative energy.

Beliefs: Brings one friendship and helps create deeper and more meaningful relationships. Enhances ones ability to give and receive love. Promotes compassion, empathy and kindness. Encourages philanthropic endeavors.

Beliefs: Helps inspire creativity. Encourages self-confidence. Attracts success and prosperity. Aids in enhancing self awareness and higher-self.

Beliefs: See Garnet.

Beliefs: Helps one to start new projects. Believed to bring happiness and promote prosperity. Historically associated with the spiritual realm.